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March, 2021

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Theosophy Nexus offers the opportunity to get involved in virtual study meetings, allowing us to connect, discuss and learn together. Below you will find information on ongoing study groups, along with schedules of meeting times.

If you would like to join us, please sign up using the Contact Form below. We will then contact you via email to discuss options of which study groups fit your schedule and interest.

We are also continuing to add new study groups as there is demand for them, so if you don’t see a schedule that works for you, or the subject your interested in, please sign up and let us know what your interest is. If there are others with the same interest we can help facilitate a new study group.

For the virtual study meetings we utilize conferencing software such as Skype and Zoom. We can help you set up the app necessary to join in and walk you through the process.

We hope you’ll join us to study the ageless wisdom of humanity together!

— Universal Theosophy Thursday Meetings —

1st Thursday of the Month 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific Gita Gathering
2nd Thursday of the Month 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific Robert Crosbie’s Universal Theosophy
3rd Thursday of the Month 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific Plato and Shakespeare: a Theosophical Perspective
4th Thursday of the Month 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific Introduction to The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of the Silence

Meeting Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Students may sign up for one or more of the above meetings.

Sign up using the Contact Form below.

Monthly Themes carried through all meetings for that month.

July: Karma
August: Reincarnation
September: Hierarchies
October: Human Perfectibility
November: The Spiritual Path
December: Meditation and Self-Study


  • Each Class will have its own curriculum but will share the monthly theme.
  • Meetings will begin with a devotional quotation drawn from the world’s Sacred Texts.
  • A short presentation by a student on the theme for the month and a round of comments will precede the discussion of the topic for that particular class.
  • The topic will be taken up in discussion form.
  • The meeting will be concluded with a lightening round of comments from all participants.


Gita Gathering: 1st Thursday of the Month

June: The Self Governed Sage
July: The Portrait of the Devotee
August: Reincarnation in the Gita
Sept: Renunciation of the Fruit of Action
Oct: Selflessness
Nov. The Gunas
Dec. Spiritual Wisdom

Universal Theosophy Book: 2nd Thursday of the Month

July: True Morality Part 2 Page 122-125
August: The Storehouse of Thought part 1
September: The Storehouse of Thought part 2
October: The Language of the Soul part 1
November: The Language of the Soul part 2
December: Theosophy in Daily Life

Plato and Shakespeare: A Theosophical Perspective

July: The Allegory of the Cave: Plato
August: The Tempest: Shakespeare
September: The Myth of Err / The Divided Line: Plato
Oct. Measure for Measure: Shakespeare
Nov. The Crito: Plato
Dec. As You Like It : Shakespeare

An Introduction to The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of the Silence

July : The Slayer of the Real: The Voice of the Silence
August: Scope, Structure, Method: The Secret Doctrine
Sept. The Mind of the Renouncer: The Voice of the Silence
Oct. Knowledge: Absolute and Relative: The Secret Doctrine
Nov. The Virtuous Mind: The Voice of the Silence
Dec. The World of Archetypes: The Secret Doctrine

Topics in this class follow themes listed in B.P. Wadia Studies in The Secret Doctrine, and Studies in the Voice of the Silence.


1st Saturday of the Month 10am-noon PST The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Sunday, weekly 10am-noon PST Buddhist & Vedanta texts, and The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Sunday, weekly 12-1 pm PST The Key to Theosophyby H. P. Blavatsky
Monday, weekly 12:30-2pm PST The Bhagavad Gita
Wednesday, weekly 6-7 pm PST The Ocean of Theosophy, by W. Q. Judge
Wednesday, weekly 7:30-8:30 pm PST The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Friday, weekly 5-6pm PST The Gospel According to Thomas, and related Theosophical Texts


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