Discovered, Not Made, Reflections on Christmas









Wall Street cannot make it, the titans of industry cannot manufacture it, Hollywood cannot invent it, Google cannot find it.


And yet, so-called ordinary people can do the extraordinary thing of finding it – not on some website or at some so-called prestigious university – but deep in their own hearts – a profound peace even among the jarring realties of hatred, war, turmoil, unrest, uncertainty.


Their simple faith as they take communion goes deeper than the troubles of the hour or day – young or old, the idiosyncratic, the average whose very ordinariness conceals the richness of their spirit, they all sing “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night” with the fullness of their heart, a loving contrast to the fractured and tortured spirit of contemporary song.


No T.V. show, no computer game, can come close to  what that spirit of Christmas brings to the human soul Born in time like other great religious traditions, they express what is timeless. The ephemeral, the transitory, can never fulfill the human spirit for it was born for something greater.


It is only this spirit that can heal the self-inflicted wounds of humanity of war, poverty, unrest, unhappiness. And the so-called great of the world can only learn the true answer to man’s problems by humbly listening to and learning from, those who embody in their hearts the message of traditions like Christmas. For they are the true soil of the earth. Soil may not look glamorous, but without it, we will have no food, no life.


So let those who embody this spirit show the senseless mirage of conflict. Let them ensure that no one goes hungry or homeless or cold in the night. Humanity will then at last have discovered a peace deep in its very heart, so wonderful, that it will wonder why it had not achieved it before. What is most precious is what we discover, not what we make.