Amazing new finds at the every-mysterious Stonehenge:

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More details of the discovery of H. naledi appear in National Geographic magazine. All images in this post are from the magazine's October issue.

            More details of the discovery of H. naledi appear in National Geographicmagazine. All images in this post are from the magazine's October issue.                                                        Photo by Mark Thiessen/National Geographic                            hide caption

itoggle caption                Photo by Mark Thiessen/National Geographic           

Berger believes someone had to have put the bodies there.

"Homo naledi was deliberately disposing of its dead in a repeated, ritualized fashion in this deep underground chamber," he says.

That's quite a claim — that kind of ritual has been thought to be unique to modern humans or our very close relatives.

And really, the whole discovery — from the bones to their bizarre location — has perplexed experts on human evolution.

"To be honest, I would really distrust anyone who thinks they understand what the significance of these finds is," says Bernard Wood, a paleoanthropologist at George Washington University.

I think they're dating it at 3 million years...


Specific funerary rituals dated 9000 years ago: