What is Occultism?

A page I have found amongst some papers, reads;


OCCULTISM is not the telling all one knows; but reticence.

Occultism is not saying all one suspects; but silence.

Occultism in not speaking of all one "sees"; but reverting inward to the source of sight.

Occultism is not repeating of all one "hears"; but a closed mouth lest hearing should escape therethrough.

Occultism is not speaking of faults of other; but charity.

Occultism is not the setting of fixed plans; but a fluidic position balanced in the good Law.

Occultism is not the laying down for another his duty; but self- watchfulness in performing one's own.

Occultism is not the doing what one wishes and when one wants; but discipline 

Occultism is not listening to gossip or slander; but goodwill to all, from which gossip and slander can draw no sustenance.

Occultism is not giving way to anger or impatience; but calmness.

Occultism is not being vain of own's learning, or proud; but humility.

Occultism is not hurrying one's daily affairs nor forcing one's progress; but knowing the amplitude of time in all things.

Occultism is not doing all the great work there is to do; but the will to labor, the willingness to accept help or be a helper; the joy that another does a task the best.

Occultism is not striving to be a leader of men; but to follow a line.