WQ Judge as Buddhist

Evidently Judge did formally take refuge in the Triple Gem as he states in this letter to some Japanese inquirers:

In March 1887, Matsuyama Matsutarō, a teacher of English at the Futsū Kyōkō, and

two others wrote a letter of inquiry to the Aryan Theosophical Society, USA, to

ascertain the truth of a Russian newspaper article report that ―Buddhism has lately

been introduced into New York and Brooklyn, and its followers are increasingly in

number very rapidly. In response to this inquiry, the Theosophist William Q. Judge

wrote as follows:

―I am a Buddhist but am not of a particular sect. I was made a Buddhist by Col.

H.S. Olcott, in India, under the authority of the High Priest of Ceylon, and I try in

every way to spread Buddhism… The account you read in the newspaper was in

part true. There is no temple in this country. But there are many Buddhists.

They do not properly understand it however, because there are no teachers, and

many wicked lies are told against Buddhism by Missionaries and other people.

The people need that religion because their own has not succeeded in making

them honest or kind to each other. They are always fighting and going to law

with each other although Jesus their prophet told them not to do so, but to love

one another, and although they are not very happy, because the illusions of life

make them slaves of the senses. So do tell your young men not to desert the law

of Buddha for this religion but to try to spread Buddhism again over the face of

the world.

From a 2014 paper in DISKUS journal by Laurence Cox et al, page 11; The First Buddhist Mission to the West.