That which is so aptly required for a thorough, and complete understanding of any subject, is also which has received the quaintest attention or development. Many of the sacred, and esoteric teachings which exist in the world today, are glossed over as unintelligible, or at worst, re-iterated with commentaries sourced from a mind UN-initiated into the deeper mysteries and Truths which exist within, just beyond our intellectual, line of sight.

The blatant ignorance which exists in the current, global, spiritual community is baffling. And its leaders are convinced that what they are offering to mankind will be of benefit, when in reality all it shall accomplish is leaving many millions of people with a bad taste in their mouth, and a distrust of the spiritual domain altogether. This can then lead one to 'pick' a path that suites their current, intellectual and emotional needs, stunting their Spiritual evolution down the road.

The missing element, or the “Key” as it has been called, which every path of Truth contains is the development of the Intuitive Faculty. This faculty is an outpouring of our Buddhic Potentia, an expression of that realm of Spirit which is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. All knowledge is contained within this plane of being, and through its use can we discern the deeper wisdom which lies at the heart of the worlds several spiritual and religious paths.

One of the purposes behind the 'confusing' or 'complicated' method in which occult, or esoteric, knowledge and wisdom are shared, is because if the language is to plain and simple, then the lesser meanings get absorbed, leaving the real juice of the fruit untasted. This breeds true spiritual famine, generating a population of arm-chair Spiritualists and internet guru's. I know this is true, because in my western life, real spiritual teaching [and teachers] are few, and far between. Though, this is a topic for another time.

Have you ever noticed that after reading a book or watching a movie, if you watch or read it again sometime later, you notice something you did not notice before? This is a common phenomena, happens all the time to almost everyone. It also seems to happen most when we are excited. I'm not hating on excitement, just bear with me. In the fervor of excitement [for example, the excitement of Gnosis], we can loose some bearing on our conscious focus, or in other words, our focus is narrowed, like a tunnel vision, reducing the quantity and quality of what we are trying to absorb or internalize. Its obvious how this can take away from the “real fruit”, leaving us with spoils that only sate the appetite of our intellect. And if we only had to make the monkey mind happy, there would be a greater population of semi self-realized humans walking the planet, teeter tottering within. When truth is left only to the intellect, then the truth is made into a system, a process, a carrot hanging from a stick,perpetually kept at a distance.

Considering that most esoteric knowledge was transmitted through analogy, symbolism, allegory, and poetry, its not difficult to understand why, in Christianity alone, we have several denominations or “off-shoots”, each claiming a different interpretation or point of view in regards to a single teaching. It really does not matter who the teacher was, it was always the same teaching, differing in language and context based on time period and geographical differences.

Only the true Initiate, one who was first instructed to evolve and expand their intuitive faculty, have ever been able to communicate, through any media, the Wisdom of the Ancients for the benefit of mankind. In several instances, the purpose of it being communicated to the masses was to keep it alive during a particularly dark period of human history, [The Christ Jesus is an example of this, considering that the greatest rape and pillage of human value and dignity occurred after his death. It required a well tuned and powerful intuitive faculty to know and understand the cycles of human evolution, and respond accordingly. Research Kali Yuga] veiled and protected within the minds of the ignorant, so as to not spoil its potential and power for our collective ascension, at a later date.

Without the aid of Intuition, Truths such as Unity, Cosmic/Christ/Krishna Consciousness, reincarnation, planes of existence, qualities of consciousness, the TOE, and so on, remain nothing more then conceptual or intellectual benchmarks of mediocrity, plainly reduced to materialism in some way. Merely stating that “We are One” is hollow and powerless, affording zero benefit outside of the speakers sense of self. Come from the BE-NESS of Truth, only achievable through the awakening of our latent, intuitive faculty.

Practical Application

Where does intuition come in?

Intuition is the “still small voice” that arises when we are still and our mind is quite. Meditation is the technology used to achieve this mental state, allowing for this voice or “inner teacher”, the true Guru, to pronounce its presence. In this field of awareness, we finally reside in the “Abode of the Father”, open in heart, to receive the clear vision and perfect knowledge. 
When in study [and I'm assuming that what is being studied is of some spiritual value], practice relieving the mind of its labeling/categorizing/defining modes, and be open with what you are reading from deep within your heart. The sense of identity and personality will begin to fade, and it will take MUCH longer to finish a single book, but you will be engaging with the Buddhic Field where all knowledge, wisdom, and Truth calls home.

The Buddhic consciousness will also begin to arise spontaneously, perhaps while deep in meditation or through dreams, or suddenly in the midst of sleep, one experiences a powerful knowing or Gnosis. These “flashes of light” are truly flashes of a more refined consciousness, a more connected and unified consciousness that “wells up from the Plenum”.

When meditating, allow awareness to remain, still, undirected and unmotivated. Thoughts will come. Let them go. Do your best to keep attention centered, and awareness still. Maintain this for as long as you can, each time the duration will extend.

As you allow this field of still awareness to grow, and last, the “still small voice” will begin to emerge, and the “Way” becomes clear.


Comment by Larry Leon Lynch on March 7, 2014 at 7:59am
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Hello Grimm,

I've just read this blog post and now offer an original piece of poetical prose that seems to fit right in with your "Practical Application" guide.  This came to me in pieces during several morning meditations.

Finding Shangri-La

"In morning meditation, when everything is still, softly speaks the silence, reciting from the Will. It speaks of things forgotten, of treasures locked away, the holy words of wisdom concealed from light of day.  Of Love, and Joy, and Peace for all, the Spirit's legacy, and the gift of life eternal, preserved for you and me.  Magically, a hidden path appears before our eyes, leading high above the clouds where misty peaks arise.  Swiftly now we move along, devoted on our way, and coming to a sacred lake, we pause and kneel to pray.  High upon the mountain now, we feel the mystic breeze, surrendering to heaven, we get up off of our knees.  Ending need to beg and plead, resigned forevermore, we perceive a wondrous land beyond a golden door.  Sounds of laughter fill the air as we adventure through, we join the celebration…the world is born anew.  Here at last, the sacred land, eternal, ancient, new…envisioned by the many, accomplished by the few.  With grateful hearts and joyful, the grueling journey past, we settle in together with Peace and Love…at last!"

Just one small example of what came through the faculty of intuition…the result of daily practice.

With best regards,