"The writer.... believes in the ancients, and the modern heirs to their Wisdom.  And believing in both, she now transmits that which she has received and learnt and herself to all those who will accept it.  As to those who may reject her testimony, - i.e., the great majority - she will bear them no malice, for they will be as right in their way in denying, as she is right in hers in affirming, since they look at truth from two entirely different stand-points."

Truth doesn't change, it's our perception of it, our viewpoint that changes and hence, dare I say, contributes to the great confusion among students, giving cause to endless discussion and argument.

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Comment by Kristan Stratos on August 29, 2015 at 7:13pm
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Thank you Sharon.  A great quote indeed.

"[Truth doesn't change,] it's our perception of it, our viewpoint that changes and hence, dare I say, contributes to the great confusion among students, giving cause to endless discussion and argument."

I cannot tell if this quote is negative or positive...

As we know, there are many methods of arriving at Truth.  Modern Science has made marvelous strides and advancements in physics, each day it seems, speaks closer and closer to Occult Fundamentals.  Some Religions, as we now see, embrace scientific finds and studies urging their Believers to take keen note of these relative and important truths of the time. 

Absolute Truth, or Wisdom is something that must be inherited, I believe, by worthy seekers.  Call these worthy seekers what you will, students of the Mystery School one might say.  These students, aspire to make themselves fit in numerous ways until they are able to receive this very special inheritance so they may in turn, pass it forth and continue this Ancient and Eternal stream of Knowledge. 

Regarding the methods of exercise and degrees of receptivity, many traditions embrace days of metaphysical debate and discussions. To those partaking in this great practice, it is truly a concentrated meditation.  Apparent confusion is natural and very healthy, as it is yet another chance to develop and put to use a facility beyond the limited confines of the intellectuallower mind.

R. Crosbie states:
"forgetting that no method is the true method; that the true method must be a combination of all methods. All these things are lessons—initiations in occultism—if we read them aright."

Aren't these methods a fundamental practice for students not just of Theosophy, but students of Science   to observe and draw their mind closer to the Truth, and thence act from this Truth?  

Comment by barbaram on August 30, 2015 at 7:56pm
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I was thinking about what is truth.  There seems to be different kinds of truths – personal, relative and absolute.  When we talk about absolute Truth here, I believe we are talking about Laws of Nature, the set of regulations that govern the universe in this manvantara.  Even though Truth is one, but we look at it from different angles.  Our viewpoints invariably change and evolve when we get closer to the light.  What seems like a yellow blur in the distance could turn out to be a sunflower blowing in the wind.  As daylight returns and chases the night away, it brings different objects into view.

I was reading this yesterday - The mission of the planetary Spirit is but to strike the KEY NOTE OF TRUTH. Once he has directed the vibration of the latter to run its course uninterruptedly along the catenation of that race and to the end of the cycle — the denizen of the highest inhabited sphere disappears from the surface of our planet — till the following "resurrection of flesh." The vibrations of the Primitive Truth are what your philosophers name "innate ideas." 

This idea of primitive truth is profound on many levels; it reminds me of the Oneness of Life and how the vibration of the Planetary spirit permeates our beings.  

Comment by Kristan Stratos on August 31, 2015 at 4:19am
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Ah, quite a great thought Barbara.  Thanks for this.

The idea of Primitive Truth- innate ideas- is deeply profound when tied into the vibration of the Planetary Spirit.  It reminds me of that beautiful passage mentioned in the Voice.

The three types of truth you had mentioned are very important. Personal truth, relative truth, and Absolute Truth.  Personal and relative truths are secondary, meaning they are apt to develop and change, while Absolute Truth is One- changeless and Eternal.  Unless one is able to recognize the Absolute Truth and act accordingly, personal and relative truths are but steps along the path, are they not?

"Even though Truth is one, but we look at it from different angles.  Our viewpoints invariably change and evolve when we get closer to the light."

As our mind develops and concepts become wider, I believe we will subconsciously observe matter acting quite the same.  When the mind-matter relationship begins to develop due to the consideration on the One Absolute Truth, perhaps these "innate ideas" will be more frequent ?  Matter, or rather the present state of matter is indicative of relative and personal truths according to the karmic conditions of ones mind, or rather the race-mind.  Light can only reveal itself when not completely obstructed, likewise, I find the Mind can only absorb fractions of Truth when not completely purified, which I believe is done by way of the Heart. 

Comment by Sharon Ormerod on September 22, 2015 at 6:05am
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Very well put Kristan and barbaram. I was thinking about:

Secret Doctrine Vol. I - Stanza I – 4. (b)

Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. As we rise in the scale of development we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed we mistook shadows for realities, and the upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached "reality;" but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya.

Realizing that each of us are in a process of awakening, we understand that each of us are seeing relative truth.  


Comment by barbaram on September 22, 2015 at 1:47pm
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What a wonderful quote, it puts everything into perspective.

Thank you.

Comment by Ramprakash ML on October 3, 2015 at 8:41am
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The quote of HPB's statement posted by Sharon on ancient wisdom tradition which has reached the present generation of Adepts unaltered  : what is noteworthy is HPB's open mind and tolerant spirit. She expects no one to accept what she has to say.

I am reminded of this tolerant spirit in Jain religion and philosophy. They also maintain the same kind of stance on every issue. They have what is called ANEKAANTAVAADA. Meaning, every subject or issue has many viewpoints, each of which is valid from the specific standpoint. Jain religion and philosophy is most undogmatic, tolernat, non-violent, and what is more, scientific.

But we must distinguish between the many propositions of various viewpoints and the self-evident truth of the three fundamental propositions of the SD. These universal ideas are self-validating and universally applicable. Ultimate Reality being ONE, the Law of Cycles, Fundamental identity of all souls with Universal Oversoul, Karma, reincarnation, evolution cannot be denied. We intuitively know they are true, and moreover, they are demonstrable to reason.