The Voice of the Silence - A practical Handbook for Spiritual Freedom

As Blavatsky said, "no efforts, not the smallest - whether in right or wrong direction - can vanish from the world of causes. E'en wasted smoke remains not traceless. "A harsh word uttered in past lives, is not destroyed but ever comes again." I have always found this comforting and encouraging. Never give up making an honourable effort even when we think our small contribution will mean little to the final outcome of a situation.

It also explains why to some extent, our lives are predestined as to circumstance and linked to those with whom we have affinity from the past. She is saying, accept fate and journey through life cheerfully. But there is another point here to pay attention to and it is the part we play in creating our own destiny. We read in the proem of the Secret Doctrine, fundamental proposition (c). (pg 17) "no privileges or special gifts in man, save those won by his own Ego through personal effort and merit throughout a long series of metempsychoses and reincarnations." I take this to mean that we are free in spirit and our "intention" is our choice, therefore it follows that although we may be born into our Karmic destiny we are not helpless souls and the victims of an unalterable fate.

"Thou canst create this "day" thy chances for thy "morrow." I feel this statement encourages us to be aware of not only what we do but what we are thinking. At the beginning of this little "gem" of wisdom, she says that we need to understand the nature of "Dharana", the intense and perfect concentration of the mind (pg1). When we arrive at a mental point of objectivity, a point of awareness where we are watching our thoughts, we can see those thoughts in the light of positive or negative. 
Then we can look at those thoughts in the light of how we are affecting others; not only do we create our future by making the conscious effort to "slay the slayer"(VS 1.) or mastering the mind by intending positive thoughts and energy, but even more wonderful is how we affect those around us by such an effort, those who are tied to us in Karmic destiny.

As you can see, I have a passion for the Voice of the Silence". If it were published today it could be called "A Practical Handbook for Spiritual Freedom" or this is just me rambling on.