Time for Consciousness

Many people of many cultures in ancient times especially, what is now known as the Americas, lived an unfamiliar life than we do today. I can only imagine their time was not as complicated as ours which most likely was a simpler, loving, and unified way of life.  We can look to the East and see that India is the oldest country in the world. Don't you agree? They have tradition that goes way back  and still holds ties to traditions from thousands of years into the past. Something in the America's been lost if not taken from Ye that rightfully belongs to Thee. What is it lost or taken you ask? Perhaps history tells more than I have time to share in depth.

There is this One thing that few too many lack to see that lies right in front of every human being. It lives just like you and I waiting to be noticed and appreciated. Not only does it live amongst us all, but within us, below us, and above us enveloping all there is to be and to come. How is it we cannot see that nature provides everything we need yet we cannot see?

There is no one to blame but ourselves and still that will serve no good purpose. However, time still allows for a solution to connect back to what needs to be.

Perhaps its time to live for what we are meant to do, which is to think and be thoughtful in our sacred space where true inspiration links far beyond our hands can reach. This place is not far out of reach. From a self discovery journey we can hear and see nature speak of many truths we seek.  

Those wise beings from ancient times taught that all things were created out of universal consciousness yet never lived as a separate entity. Time to call back that unity for this should be a Theosophical{ty}. That message shall be to live consciously. 

We are consciousness and one with the universal consciousness, and all that the universe is, so are we.  Until we unite our mind consciousness to the universal consciousness we can't be all that we are meant to be. For that day shall and will come, but only with true intent,  dedication, and determination love will grow to it's highest frequency.

I cannot stress enough how importance this is, for it is the work of humanity and for humanity. Only together as a unity we can build a stronger community and live life as it is meant to be; One Universal Light Soul Being!