During the Fall of 1890 the Blavatsky Lodge in London at their regular meetings conducted a course of discussions on THEOSOPHY FROM THE ROOT UP.

Below is the syllabus as found in THE PATH, November 1890:

People who were to attend were encouraged to read the sections listed from HPB's KEY TO THEOSOPHY and THE SECRET DOCTRINE and write up several questions for each meeting.

It appears that HPB may have attended some of these meetings.

Anyway, the above syllabus gives a course of reading in these two books by HPB that could even be used today.


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This could be an interesting course of study to embark on here on Nexus if there are enough students interested. Though the recommended reading for the final installment would have to be divided up a little perhaps.

Thanks for sharing this.



This might be a good course for reading and discussion.

The syllabus given might have been based on input from HPB as she was alive and possibly attending some of these meetings at 19 Avenue Road where in fact HPB was residing and working.



The selections listed on the advertisement would really help any student begin to map out some important ideas.

Great for any independent study as well.  

Thanks Daniel! 


BELOW I enlarge the print on the Course of Discussions in order to more
easily read the page numbers for the SD and the Key.