Jeanine Miller, who interpreted the Vedas from a Theosophical standpoint, died on Aug. 8, 2013, at age 83. A very well written obituary by her friend Maria Lancaster has just been published in the online edition of The Guardian:

Her husband Ron Wildego has started a website to make her writings available:

She has three major published books, and had tried for a number of years to get published what she considered her magnum opus, The Blazing Dragon of Wisdom. She tried to find a non-Theosophical publisher for it, without success. It was finally going to be published by the Theosophical Publishing House in England, but financial difficulties made this unfeasible. Thankfully, Ron has posted an electronic version of it and thus made it available at long last. Also posted there are an increasing selection of Jeanine's many articles and smaller writings.

Her first major book is, The Vedas: Harmony, Meditation and Fulfilment, London: Rider, 1974. This has a Foreword by the renowned Dutch Vedic scholar Jan Gonda, in which, as would be expected for someone in his position, his recommendation of her book is guarded and qualified. Gonda was most known for his detailed philological studies of Vedic terms and ideas, and his 1963 book, The Vision of the Vedic Poets, was at the far edge of his repertoire. Although still highly philological, it allowed for the possibility of higher inspiration in the Vedas. This was a big step forward in western Vedic studies, and Jeanine particularly liked this book by Gonda. This idea, of course, was taken as a starting point by Jeanine in her books. It was her forte, as can be seen already in the contents of this 1974 book.

Her second major book is, The Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985. It has a Foreword by Raimundo Panikkar. As the title implies, this book is a major study of the Vedic ṛta, the "cosmic order." It is this by which the sun rises every day, by which the cosmos is sustained, and by which the words of a truthful person come to fruition. This is the first and only major study of this idea of fundamental importance.

Her third major book is, The Cosmic Waters: A Study on the Hidden Significance of the Waters of Space in the Vedas, Bangalore: Prism Books, 2011. Its title is self-explanatory. Like her previous books, this book is directed toward an educated audience having some familiarity with the Vedas. Jeanine always managed to blend scholarship with poetic insight, a rather unique combination.

In her fourth and last major book, The Blazing Dragon of Wisdom: The Esoteric Tradition as Enshrined in the Vedas and Beyond, she openly brought in parallels to The Secret Doctrine. She could do this only obliquely in her previous three major books. Here she directly refers to the esoteric tradition that was first made publicly known by Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine. None of Jeanine's books were addressed to a Theosophical audience, including this one. She had hoped that this book, like her previous three, could be published by a non-Theosophical publisher. She wanted to reach a wider audience with her writings. She did not want to be labelled a Theosophist and have her books pre-judged and dismissed ahead of time due to the prevailing view of Theosophy in public opinion as fraudulent. Indeed, Maria Lancaster informs me about the obituary she wrote that "the Guardian rehashed my piece, leaving out the connection of 'The Blazing Dragon of Wisdom' to HPB's Secret Doctrine. This is quite important as Jeanine wrote the book to vindicate Madame Blavatsky."

In 1978 Jeanine gave a series of sessions on the Vedas at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy in Ojai, California, which Nancy and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend. It was titled, "The Vedic Myth and Vision." Jeanine was very inspiring! It so happened that Nancy and I were then also enrolled in a class with Raimundo Panikkar, whose 1977 book had just been published, The Vedic Experience, Mantramanjari: An Anthology of the Vedas for Modern Man and Contemporary Celebration. Naturally, Jeanine and Raimundo were aware of and appreciative of each other's work. So a meeting was arranged and we chauffeured Jeanine to Raimundo's house. It was a memorable meeting of brilliant and inspired minds. Later, Raimundo wrote a Foreword to Jeanine's book, The Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas (1985).

Jeanine always spoke highly of her meditation teacher, Irina Tweedie. Irina had gone to India and learned under an Indian Sufi teacher who used very harsh methods. As stated by Maria Lancaster in her obituary, Jeanine helped Irina to edit her journal written during this time in India, which was published as The Chasm of Fire. It was later published in unabridged form as Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. According to Jeanine, Irina had learned real meditation there. She taught this to Jeanine in London. Jeanine was a natural for this, as we can see from her own inspired writings, briefly listed above.

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I heartily agree with your wish that The Blazing Dragon should be published in book form.  I think HPB would be very pleased too, not to mention Jeanine, who once told me that she had written the book under HPB's orders.  On more practical matters, I think the book probably needs a bit of editing and I am not sure whether Jeanine got around to doing an index or not.

Initially the main problem with getting the book published was that Jeanine really wanted an academic publisher to get it into print and clearly she thought that her scholarship would pull it through and overcome any resistance to the occult dimension of the book. THis was not the case.  Another problem has been the change of climate, so to speak, in the publishing world.  Then Jeanine wanted the TS to publish it in a beautiful edition with illustrations.  It seems there were problems in raising money for it and the London TS didn't think there was much of a market for the book.  (Rather shocking, I thought).

I can't help thinking that HPB and her extraordinary contribution needs to be revisited - for the public, many of whom know absolutely nothing about her.  A play?  HPB would be a wonderful subject for a film or a documentary.  Now with Neptune in Pisces, I think public interest is going to turn to things psychic and mysterious...  Imagine a script which includes HPB's meetings with Yeats etc....  

But first it's The Blazing Dragon which needs to get into print.


The reason I have some involvement with 'The Blazing Dragon' is that I typed up 2 or 3 chapters for Jeanine.  I hope it is OK to say this, but Jeanine told me she had received an instruction from HPB to write this work (on the inner planes, or maybe in a dream, I am not sure of which).  Jeanine put all her energy and scholarly gifts into this book which links much of the Secret Doctrine with the Vedas and other holy works.  I think this was to vindicate claims that HPB made things up and to set the record straight that her information was correct and of the highest order.  In Jeanine's obituary the Guardian cut quite a lot out, so sadly the link between the Blazing Dragon and HPB was omitted along with a bit more information about HPB as many readers may not know who she was.  On the plus side, the Guardian included a lot of links so readers can go into various websites to find out more.

It is a miracle of sorts that the obit got published at all, as the Guardian are rather anti religious and I imagine Theosophy is probably a 'no-no' area.

You are right, the footnotes are in fact Endnotes - at least they were when I was working on the book!  If I remember correctly, they were perhaps placed at the end of each chapter.


One of the wonderful things about the world we live in today is that self-publishing is an increasingly real and available option. If the book were to be prepared and formatted into a PDF document (sized appropriately, with appropriate margins, text, etc.), it would be quite easy to bring it to print and make it available on sites like Amazon, etc..

Something to consider for those interested who may have time available. I've explored these options for another publishing project and could provide links to anyone interested.


Thank you, Jon, that is something to bear in mind, though I do hope that the TS will publish it.  


Hello I’m new in nexus. Thanks for accept me.

And I’m happy to announce the publication of this book. Like Jeanine wanted it. Peace on Her.

Inside you’ve got the very beautiful paints of her husband and a preface by him too.

A little biography by me, 2 pages only, because all is on her book and her wisdom.

It’s a big book (422pages)(in the A4 Format: 210 × 297 mm = 8,3 × 11,7 in), and is now in free diffusion on the web at this webpage :’s a bilingual webpage French and English.


It’s the first volume of the Collection"VacVoxVoix Voice Voz".

The collection "वच्"aims to disseminate, among other things, the work of Jeanine Genevieve Miller/Meunier. In the "वच्" collection will have unprinted works too.

A special edition with an index/lexicon of words used by Jeanine will published too. Each book will have a special edition.

This collection is the continuation of what Jeanine wanted and for what we worked with her in her home. Without her now.But with heart like the name of her home : “refuge of the Heart” and it’s with heart we do it.

I hope that will enjoy all the peoples who love Jeanine.

To my Godmother, Peace on her, Shanti Shanti.

PS: Excuse my English, I’m French.

This is such great news about the paperback version! Im jumping up and down. :)

I remember first reading Jeanine's writings in a book she co-authored with Georg Feuerstein: YOGA AND BEYOND: Essays in Indian Philosophy, published 1972.

I remember reading her chapter on The Hymn of Creation in the Rig Veda. I knew Jeanine had special insights and I wrote to Boris de Zirkoff and told him about the book. He replied and said he would get a copy of the book.


Thank you very much, Franck, for posting this good news. Glad to learn about Jeanine's writings becoming available in beautifully done editions. The edition ofThe Blazing Dragon of Wisdom that you have now made available is indeed beautifully done, and a fitting tribute to her.


I am delighted too, but a bit confused as I was under the impression that this new edition was available online rather than in paperback form.


Thank you!   Where do I order the book from?  Do you know?


thank you!

I have added to our Blavatsky Library webpage the books of Jeanine Miller. Look in the
M's under Miller.


I've also added a link under Johnston to Charles Johnston's online writings.

The above webpage can also be found at our homepage.

Blavatsky Study Center

Thanks Daniel. I also have first-edition scans of most of Johnston's works if you're interested. I could upload a zip file if you want them. Just let me know.

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Permalink Reply by Daniel Caldwell on May 4, 2014 at 8:44pm
Jon, Maybe in a few months I could deal with the Johnston files. Right now I am snowed under with work. Thanks for asking.
Permalink Reply by CERVERA Franck on April 8, 2014 at 3:26pm

Hello Daniel,

If you want to put on your website the “Blazing Dragon” of Jeanine, with the Illustrations, you can this is made for.

All the best Franck.

Permalink Reply by Daniel Caldwell on May 4, 2014 at 8:45pm
thanks for offering. I will add this to my priority list of things to do.


Jeanine Miller - audio talks now available

I thought you might be interested to know that Lawrence Ball has just uploaded these talks and made them available on Jeanine's website.

Some of them would be of particular interest to Theosophists - “Vedic Myths and Visions – Sources of The Secret Doctrine” (venue unknown - three lectures from a longer series)