The Secret Doctrine Würzburg Manuscript has now been published. It includes H. P. Blavatsky’s first translations of stanzas from the Book of Dzyan with her unrevised commentaries on them. Only the stanzas from the Würzburg manuscript had been published until now, not her unrevised commentaries on them. These comprise cosmogenesis, and a few on anthropogenesis. The Würzburg manuscript also includes a large introductory section, comprising about half the book. Most of the chapters in this introductory section were later published in the 1897 third volume of The Secret Doctrine. As with the commentaries on the stanzas, here we have her unrevised versions.

The so-called Würzburg manuscript is a partial copy of Blavatsky’s early manuscript of The Secret Doctrine, written while she was staying at Würzburg, Germany, and then at Ostende, Belgium, in 1885 and 1886. Her manuscript of the almost completed Secret Doctrine was copied by two or more scribes to send to India for revision by T. Subba Row, which revision did not occur. Only part of this copy has been found. What we have is estimated to be about a fourth or a third of the whole that was sent to India. Fortunately, it includes the whole cosmogenesis section, all seven stanzas and their commentaries.

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The book will be available at in about two days, and at in about two months. Despite years of work and thousands of dollars spent in preparing this book for publication, we have priced it at only the printing cost required for worldwide distribution, $18.95. In a few months, after a number of hard copies have been sent out into the world and placed in various libraries, we will provide an electronic version free of charge.


Hi David:

I very much appreciate all the hard work you and others have done and are doing to keep the teachings alive and available to the students. 

Thank you.


Thanks, Barbara, for your kind comment. When you hold this book in your hands, you get a picture of how HPB wrote The Secret Doctrine. She thought that the stanzas from the Book of Dzyan were too metaphysical to be understood without extensive background. So she wrote a truly huge introductory section. The 130 pages of it found in this book represent only about a fourth to a third of what she then wrote. This is all that has so far been found of the full copy that was sent to India. But her original manuscript of this vast introductory material remained in Europe, and as we can tell from her many references in the Wurzburg manuscript, most of it was published in 1897 as pp. 1-432 of the third volume of The Secret Doctrine. So the Wurzburg manuscript gives us a picture of how she wrote The Secret Doctrine, and how she originally intended it to be read.


It is not a reproduction of the handwritten manuscript. It is a typed transcription, almost entirely verbatim. The punctuation was atrocious, causing Jinarajadasa to give up on publishing it, which he started to do. We have added many missing opening and closing quotation marks in brackets.

The main text is 258 pages. There are two appendices, bringing the book to 379 pages, not counting my Introduction of 9 pages.

Three other people helped with the project, who have chosen to remain anonymous.


The transcription of the Würzburg manuscript occupies pages 1-258. The first 130 pages are the chapters forming the extensive introductory portion, most of which chapters were later published in the 1897 third volume of The Secret Doctrine. Then follows the stanzas from the Book of Dzyan and Blavatsky’s commentaries on them. Pages 133-246 are on cosmogenesis, and pages 249-258 are on anthropogenesis, obviously incomplete. There are two appendices. We had requested permission from Daniel Caldwell to include his not well enough known article, "The Myth of the 'Missing' Third Volume of The Secret Doctrine." He agreed, and this occupies pages 351-379. Not only did he agree to our request to include this article, he also volunteered to provide a chronology of the writing of The Secret Doctrine. This very detailed chronology occupies pages 261-349. There is no index


The Secret Doctrine Würzburg Manuscript is now available at


As you point out, Nicholas, the Wurzburg Manuscript has not only slight changes or additions, but larger ones too. Immediately after the strange sentence that you just quoted (p. 25), she has this sentence, also not found in the third volume of The Secret Doctrine:

"We have to show that the numerous and often (to the profane) contradictory Cosmogonies of various nations are all based upon one — the primitive Revelation to mankind as taught in the oldest record in the world, now in possession and the safe keeping of the few surviving Initiates in Central Asia."

It tells us what she was trying to do with the quite limited materials available in her time, in order to demonstrate that the Book of Dzyan, the oldest record in the world, is real, and not just a myth invented by her. This, in turn, was intended to demonstrate the actual existence of the Wisdom-Religion that she called Theosophy. As she wrote earlier in that paragraph:

". . . we will show on the authority of numberless works, ancient, mediæval and modern, the actual existence of a WISDOM-RELIGION whose origin is lost in prehistoric periods."

This was her life work, to make this knowledge available for the benefit of all of humanity, and to make it plausible so that it would in fact benefit a significant portion of humanity.

David and Nancy Reigle are to be commended for their publication of the SECRET DOCTRINE WURZBURG MANUSCRIPT. this book will give the Blavatsky student greater insight into how HPB wrote her Magnum opus.there are not only historical insights to be gained but also metaphysical insights just waiting to be discovered.

I agree, Daniel - many thanks to David and Nancy for all their work on this.

The Secret Doctrine Wurzburg Manuscript at

Tonight I noticed that The Secret Doctrine Wurzburg Manuscript 
can now be purchased at

Secret Doctrine Wurzburg Manuscript at Barnes & Noble

Secret Doctrine Wurzburg Manuscript at Barnes & Noble Bookstore Online
at a cheaper price than Amazon!



I am glad to see that The Secret Doctrine Wurzburg Manuscript is now available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, and at present Lulu is having a 20% off sale on books ordered from them. This is all good for getting the book out there. However, I was disappointed that Amazon raised the price of the book. It seems that now is a good time to make the electronic version available free. It can be downloaded from the Eastern Tradition Research Institute website: Please spread the word, especially to our Theosophical brothers and sisters in India, where the printed book is simply out of reach.

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I just learned that the above link no longer works. Here is the new link:

Permalink Reply by Peter on June 25, 2014 at 9:37am

Thanks, David.

I've got the printed version from Lulu, which is a very nice edition and production.  Good to have the pdf as well for searches.

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Errata to The Secret Doctrine Würzburg Manuscript book

A list of eighteen possible errata to this book has kindly been sent to me by Vladimir Sova. The first of these corrections had previously been sent to me by Jacques Mahnich. Sixteen pertain to the Würzburg Manuscript portion of the book, and the last two pertain to the appendix on chronology.

Of these sixteen, the third (“has epoch” for “his epoch”), the seventh (“Kabalstic” for “Kabalistic”), and the twelfth (“Vertical Atoms” for “Vortical Atoms”) are our typographical errors. For the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth, the text given in the book is as found in the Würzburg manuscript. Except for two of these, they are scribal errors of the copyists. These errors should be corrected.

The thirteenth (“Uncreate”) and sixteenth (“000,000,000”) are not errors. See The Secret Doctrine, 1888, vol. 1, p. 250, and vol. 2, p. 696, where these same two passages occur.

The seventeenth (“predilictions” for “predilections”) is a misspelling that is found in The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett, p. 88. The eighteenth (“London, when” for “London, where”) is our scribal error. The source has “where,” not “when.”

Many thanks to Vladimir for finding and sending these errata. Much appreciated.




Should be

page 11, line 20 from above

amende hons rable

amende honorable

page 20, line 9 from above

as night! Two

as night, two

page 32, line 2 from below

has epoch;

his epoch;

page 40, line 12 from below

non demonstrated

now demonstrated

page 76, line 11 from below

subtlety and casuisty

subtlety and casuistry

page 95, footnote, line 11

Didna Astarte

Diana Astarte

page 128, line 8 from below

Kabalstic names

Kabalistic names

page 148,  line 10 from above

its Karma. All the

its Karma, all the

page 162, line 1 from above

motion. “Darkness”

motion. (3) “Darkness”

page 162, line 7 from below


(7) Kala-hansa

page 176, line 1 from below



page 194, line 6 from below

Vertical Atoms

Vortical Atoms

page 226, line 7 from above



page 230, line 6 from above



page 253, line 8 from below

without break or flow

without break or flaw

page 255, line 5 from below


100,000,000 [or some other valid number]

page 263, line 18 from above



page 334, line 16 from above

London, when

London, where



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As one reads THE SECRET DOCTRINE WURZBURG MANUSCRIPT, one might keep in mind the following relevant observations: