Hi Folks. Just wanted to announce the release of this wonderful new book! Here's the description from the publishers (see also the attached PDF). Be sure to pass along this info to anyone you think might be interested in it. It's been a long-time coming and much work has been put into its publication. We're very grateful to all those who had a hand in bringing this work to light, and are sure students of theosophy will greatly enjoy and benefit from the product of their labours.



by H. P. Blavatsky

The Theosophy Company is pleased to announce the immediate availability of The Secret Doctrine Dialogues (ISBN 978-0-9898541-0-8), available at $35.00.

Taken from the same stenographic notes as The Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, this material only recently has come to light, having been misplaced for over a hundred years.

Newly transcribed, meticulously edited, carefully footnoted, and with a complete index, the text affords us a front-row seat at the world’s first study class in The Secret Doctrine, with the author, H. P. Blavatsky, presiding over the discussion.

As noted in the Introduction, here we are treated to HPB’s broad, philosophical, and penetrating mind, her biting wit, gentle and notso-gentle impatience with human foibles, and her constant willingness to inquire into ideas and engage the minds of others.

Copies of this and other Theosophical publications may be obtained through:

• The publisher: The Theosophy Company (see below)
• Any Lodge of The United Lodge of Theosophists (U.L.T.)
• Any retail book store or book seller with access to Ingram
• Amazon: amazon.com

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Thanks for the link Nicholas. Once the book shows up on Amazon and TC, I'll be sure to add links for everyone here. :)


I am bringing copies to your SD class Sunday.


Thanks Nicholas. I've tried searching Amazon too with no luck yet.


In 1995, I discovered the whereabouts of the long missing "large longhand folios" of HPB's SECRET DOCTRINE DIALOGUES.  Several of the folios were missing but the majority survived the ravages of time.   I was allowed to peruse and read the extant folios and discovered that H.P. Blavatsky's discussions and comments on Stanzas V, VI survive after more than 100 years of being lost!
I vividly remember the first time it dawned on me that this  Blavatsky manuscript probably still existed.  But it took months before I finally was able to verify that my discovery was really real.

And I also remember as though it was yesterday that special day when I held these actual manuscript notebooks in my lap and hands and paged thru all of the notebooks.  Yes, yes, this is really valuable unpublished Blavatsky material, I thought.

On a research trip to a certain small community west of Los Angeles, California, I went to see a certain student of Madame Blavatsky's writings.  At my request, he brought out these manuscripts of the Blavatsky transactions from his garage!  I had asked him to show me the mss based on our previous correspondence and phone conversations.

He told me that all of this material had ALREADY been published in 1890 and 1891 and there was nothing else to publish.

But from my own previous historical research and from crucial details he had told me over the phone, I knew that was NOT the case!  And in about 5 minutes I was pointing out to him the various sections that had never ever been published!!!!  The notebooks were all very readable although they were all  handwritten.  

Here is a photographic facsimile of a page of the original:


I urged this Blavatsky student then in "charge" of the manuscript to publish this remarkable literary treasure. 

I was repeatedly assured over a period of years that the manuscripts would be published.

A few years passed with no tangible results and even a setback or two, and I decided to let the late John Cooper, a Theosophical historian, know about my discovery.  Since he also knew the "keeper" of the manuscript, I urged John to write this Blavatsky student in California and encourage him to publish this unpublished Blavatsky writing.

BUT nothing came of this and after seven wasted years and still no publication of HPB's precious manuscript, I decided in early 2002 to publish the gist of the above findings in the pages of Dr. James Santucci's journal Theosophical History and then on my website. I also gave a wider circle of students more details about who had this manuscript in the hope that this knowledge and pressure might result in its eventual publication. 

One of the unforseen but happy consequences of my disclosure at this point was the publication of the material in one of the unpublished folio notebooks (i.e. for the meeting of April 25, 1889) as a supplement to the September 17, 2002 issue of The Aquarian Theosophist.  Well, at least this notebook was finally published! I thought!

Then as of late autumn 2002, seemingly definitive plans were then undertaken by some of the associates of the above mentioned person to finally publish the entire manuscript.

Unfortunately, further delays and conflicts regarding the publication of the entire manuscript occurred in the ensuing years.  More wasted years and no publication.

But after all sorts of needless delays, etc., we now have two editions of this work.  The one published in the Netherlands in 2010 and now this 2014 edition published by the Theosophy Company of Los Angeles.

But there are still even more Blavatsky manuscripts to see the light of day and be published.  We will see when these writings become finally available to Blavatsky and Theosophical students as well as to the general public.  


Two of the manuscripts would be "outgrowths" of the SECRET DOCTRINE. In other words part of HPB's SECRET DOCTRINE project. These are fairly substantial manuscripts.

In the last 12 months I have also found a partial HPB manuscript of several pages that was from the SECRET DOCTRINE but never published as part of the two 1888 volumes or the 1897 volume. Once I obtain permission to publish this manuscript I will do so and write an article about its significance.

There are also other Blavatsky letters and Mahatma letters that I am in the process of either finding, or retrieving or negotiating their release and publication.

All of this takes time, patience, dealing with "difficult" people, beating the bushes, following up various clues, etc.

Who knows maybe even the few still missing SD Dialogues notebooks will turn up!


Daniel, we are all very fortunate that you discovered these missing Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, and set the wheels in motion for their eventual publication. Speaking for myself, I will mention two things that they greatly clarified.

While it could be deduced from Blavatsky's published statements that she translated stanzas from the Book of Dzyan from a written text rather than from a picture book, these Transactions left no doubt, giving many references to numbers of verses, etc. This gives us warrant to seek and find traces of their language, moving the question on to the physical plane and off of the astral plane. As long as these things are regarded by the thinking public as astral fantasies, Theosophy will not be reaching the bulk of the many people it was intended to help.

While it could be deduced from Blavatsky's published statements that the Wisdom Tradition now called Theosophy accepts a form of atomism, these Transactions left no doubt, giving many references to atoms. Thus, while she describes atoms as "mathematical points" twice in the 1890-1891 Transactions, she does so fourteen times in the hitherto unpublished Transactions. We must now recognize and integrate this atomism into the defining Theosophical teaching of the one existence.


A great, great book - an amazing find - volume I of the SD is so difficult - so this text is a salutary aid and adds so much to understanding passages that would remain nigh inscrutable to me otherwise...