Take Paul, read the little of original that is left of him in the writings attributed to this brave, honest, sincere man, and see whether any one can find a word therein to show that Paul meant by the word Christ anything more than the abstract ideal of the personal divinity indwelling in man. For Paul, Christ is not a person, but an embodied idea.

"If any man is in Christ he is a new creation," he is reborn, as after initiation, for the Lord is spirit -- the spirit of man. Paul was the only one of the apostles who had understood the secret ideas underlying the teachings of Jesus, although he had never met him.

But Paul had been initiated himself; and, bent upon inaugurating a new and broad reform, one embracing the whole of humanity, he sincerely set his own doctrines far above the wisdom of the ages, above the ancient Mysteries and final revelation to the epoptae.

As Professor A. Wilder well proves in a series of able articles, it was not Jesus, but Paul who was the real founder of Christianity. [Isis Unveiled II:574]

This thread will share some of Paul's teachings, mangled by the early Church though they may be.

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Here's "Paul, the Founder of Christianity", by A. Wilder; referenced by HPB in CW14:120.


Thomas Taylor gives a commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews on page 19 of his Collectiana, one of the most pro-Christian/gnostic and hence theosophical things I've seen from him:



Which one of Dr. Wilder's books is HPB quoting from?


Hello Zachary,

The reference in Isis Unveiled vol 2, 575 is to an article by Wilder:  '"Evolution," art. Paul the Founder of Christianity'.'   Perhaps it was in a Neo-Platonist journal? 

Boris de Zirkof says that most of HPB's quotes and passages from Wilder come from his booklet,  'New Platonism and Alchemy,' which can be read here:


More about Paul can be found in that work.