"By thinking of those beings who have attained to the state of supreme enlightenment solely for the sake of humanity, one can gain the energy and strength to form an irreversible resolve." — The Aquarian Almanac

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October 17, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

” Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.”

– St. Paul

” Blessed is he who swerveth not aside

From this strait path;

Blessed is he whose life is lived

Thus ceaselessly in serving God.”

– Tulsidas

October 18, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

” The aspirant has to choose absolutely between the life of the world and the life of Occultism. It is useless and vain to endeavour to unite the two, for no one can serve two masters and satisfy both.”

— H.P. Blavatsky

“Having once turned they mind to the light of the True Sun, thou hast cast thyself upon that great stream of divine energy which flows to and from the Sun.”

— W.Q. Judge

October 19, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

” You ascend by understanding and love beyond any kind of intellect, to life, pure existence, absolute being.”

— Marsilio Ficino

“It is at night that faith in light is admirable.”

— Edmond Rostand

Dhyana Marga. 

October 13, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

” Knowing constancy points to consistency,

Consistency to magnanimity,

Magnanimity to boundlessness,

Boundlessness to the Tao,

The Tao to perpetuity,

One with Tao he endures without end.”

— Lao Tzu

October 21, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

“All thoughts, all passions, all delights,

Whatever stirs the mortal frame,

All are but ministers of Love,

And feed his sacred flame.”

— Samuel-Taylor Coleridge

We cannot do anything without a feeling.  The Voice of the Silence indicates that if we do not use our senses, or master them, they will use us.

So how do we discern the position we are in?  Maybe we could start by acting only from a position of compassion.  

"Kill thy desires, Lanoo, make thy vices impotent, ere the first step is taken on the solemn journey.  Strangle thy sins, and make them dumb for ever, before thou dost lift one foot to mount the ladder.  Silence thy thoughts and fix thy whole attention on they Master, whom yet thou dost not see, but whom thou feelest.

Merge into one sense thy senses, if thou would'st be secure against the foe..." page 17-18 of The Voice of the Silence

To be able to do all that, a position is required,  as Coleridge and Lao Tzu indicates.  To Act for and as the Self of all that Lives.  To realize the Eternal potential of all beings and to serve That.

How might we define the concept of a choice?  What does it really mean to choose?

Before we can truly make a choice we must be able to discern the True from the False.  Karma keeps putting before us moments of temptation.  A brief moment before we make a decision we have an opportunity to discern.  If we do not take that opportunity, Karma will repeat the temptation till we see and chose a truer more universal direction.  

It seems that the plane of action for Humanity is to be aware thinkers and choosers.  If it is the duty of fire to burn, is it the duty of man to think and choose rightly?

October 22, 2015 Theme for Contemplation: Irreversible Choice

” Rare are the divine powers

And wisdom of the Buddhas;

Sending forth a single pure ray,

They illuminate innumerable domains.”

— Lotus Sutra