Here is B.P. Wadia's tribute to HPB's work which is well worth reading, contemplating and discussing.

That Russian woman bore the name of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. There is hardly any other name round which such storms raged from 1875 to this day. Not mere criticisms, not only attacks, but death-blows were levelled at her character, teachings and work, yet these have survived to inspire and illumine the hearts and minds of men, though she herself has become invisible to the eyes of flesh.

H. P. Blavatsky has written two large works each in two volumes comprising thousands of pages – Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. They discuss outworn theology and modern science; they treat of philosophy, speculative and practical; of symbols, emblems, myths; of every branch of advancing ”exact” science; of the birth and evolution of solar systems; of the origin and genesis of collective humanity; of races of mankind, ethnological and psychological; of man, physical and psychical and spiritual; of matter and mind and soul; of languages and crafts unknown or little known or wrongly known; of ancient traditions and modern culture; of gods and atoms; of solar physics and occult chemistry; of chronology and calendars, old and new; of the science of numbers; of Indian Puranas and Egyptian Pyramids; of lost continents and legends of surviving ones; of – glance at the Contents of these four Volumes and at the Index to each of the two works.

But something more: H. P. Blavatsky was a prodigious writer of magazine and newspaper articles in French and English besides in her own mother-tongue of Russian. Not only on spiritualism and mysticism, on occultism and occult arts, but also on magic and masonry; on yoga and yogis, on dying tribes of Todas andMulakarambhas and modern movements like Arya and Brahmo Samaj; on Indian metaphysics and European hierophants; on dreams and facts, on phenomena, physical and psychical, on Jews and Gentiles and Heathens and Christians. Read by her, A Modern Panarion, The Caves and Jungles of Hindustan, turn over the numerous volumes of The Theosophist, Lucifer, The Path and several other periodicals and make note of the variety of subjects handled; their masterly treatment.

If you desire a connected, sequential, lucid presentation of her system of thought read The Key to Theosophy. Do not stop there. Procure a copy of The Voice of the Silence. This pocket book contains wisdom of priceless value. If it is too deep in its philosophy, ponder over its ethics. If these too are impossible or difficult of practical realization, read it as a literary production and be charmed by its rhythmic cadence and beauty of language. The poet's heart, the philosopher's mind, the prophet's power reveal their beauty and acumen and energy.

”The greatest fraud of the 19th century!” – Oh! that we had more of them.

Your thoughts, comments and questions please.

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Well, I wish I could write such a wonderful resume as that. Just majestic and noble and all about Truth - fantastic!


Being grateful for the Teachings is very important don't you think?


I think there's a major lesson for us in HPB's life. It's quite obvious from her letters and from descriptions she makes of her life and her relationship with her teachers, that she, as an individual, was not in the slightest bit interested in spending her life writing copious correspondences, articles, books, etc. - she wasn't doing those things out of a personal desire to do them, or for any sense of reward, but instead out of a sense of duty - to her master and to humanity (which amounts to the same thing).

She worked tirelessly in that duty. Her only 'personal desire' (if we can call it that) seems to have been the desire to 'return home'. And yet she toiled and toiled - for us (all of us) - making a sacrifice of every moment of her life.

If we can live even a sliver of that type of life, we're on the right path, imho.


One might ask how one human being could be aware of so much?