Theosophy Nexus operated for 4 years at, during which time there was activity in an open forum and four study groups. In 2016, we migrated our forum to and archived the discussions from the old site. The raw html of the archived discussions may be accessed below, or offline via the following download link:

Raw HTML Archives


From the Study Groups:

Art of Living Study Group

20130219_Thought Factor in Achievement




20130704_Death and Dying

20130801_Turning Inward

20130906_Self Reliance

20130927_Self Study




20140217_Thought Character

20140401_Cause of Sorrow

20140503_Power of Gratitude

20140701_Letters That Have Helped Me

20140803_Meaning of Theosophist

20140903_Example of Socrates

20141001_Mastering Fear


20150105_Vow of Silence

20150213_Self Reliance 2

20150520_Religion of Responsibility

20150625_Right Speech

20150711_Egotism Altruism

20150719_Ekagrata One Pointedness

20150726_Right Action

20150801_Purity And Pollution

20150808_Mental Hygiene

20150816_Mental Asceticism

20150822_Dharana Concentration

20150830_Right Livelihood

20150906_Self Discipline

20150912_Antahkarana Bridge

20150918_Dhyana Contemplation

20150928_Right Effort

20151003_Self Sacrifice

20151010_Ethics of Vow Taking

20151018_Irreversible Choice


20151108_Preparation For Death

20151115_Guardian Wall

20151122_Memory Forgetfulness

20151128_Right Meditation

20151205_Selfless Service

20151213_Svapna Sushupti

20151219_Unconditional Love


20160110_Forward Impulse

20160117_Degrees of Enlightenment

20160124_Universal Good

20160130_Sama Mastery of Mind

20160208_Hermetic Method

20160213_Yoga of Shiva

20160221_Sacredness of a Vow

20160228_Dama Bodily Mastery

20160306_Spectrum of Consciousness

20160312_Skillful Practice

20160320_William Quan Judge

20160327_Uparati Equilibrium Tolerance

20160403_Thought Will Feeling

20160410_Nitya Pralaya

20160417_Core of Bhakti

20160424_Titisha Renunciation Endurance

20160502_Eightfold Awakening

20160508_Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

20160515_Seventh Principle

20160522_Religion of Responsibility 2

20160529_Samadana Irreversible Committment

20160604_God Nature Man

20160611_Drawing the Larger Circle

20160618_Universal Brotherhood

20160626_Shraddha Faith Trust

Secret Doctrine Study Group

20120707_Phase 01 Part 01 The Writer of the SD

20120715_Phase 01 Part 02 The Writer of the SD: Questioning Spirit

20120802_Phase 01 Part 03 The Writer of the SD: Knowledge Not Belief

20120813_Phase 01 Part 04 The Writer of the SD: Tribute

20120824_Phase 02 Part 01 Preface to the SD

20120912_Phase 02 Part 02 Preface to the SD Part 2

20120920_Phase 03 Part 01 Scope Structure Method Ageless Wisdom

20120930_Phase 03 Part 02 Scope Structure Method Portion of Whole

20121012_Phase 03 Part 03 Scope Structure Method Issue of Synthesis

20121028_Phase 03 Part 04 Scope Structure Method Universals to Particulars

20121105_Phase 03 Part 05 Scope Structure Method Analogy and Correspondence

20121122_Phase 04 Part 01 First Fundamental

20121208_Phase 04 Part 02 First Fundamental Part 2

20121220_Phase 04 Part 03 First Fundamental Part 3

20130104_Phase 05 Second Fundamental

20130130_Phase 06 Third Fundamental

20130306_Phase 07 Absolute and Relative Truth

20130329_Phase 08 Part 01 Introduction

20130423_Phase 08 Part 02 Introduction cont

20130507_Phase 08 Part 03 Introduction cont

20130611_Phase 08 Part 04 Introduction cont

20130625_Phase 08 Part 05 Introduction cont

20130702_Phase 08 Part 06 Introduction cont

20130723_Phase 08 Part 07 Lost Scriptures

20130730_Phase 08 Part 08 Why SD Obscured

20130806_Phase 08 Part 09 More Lost Documents

20130813_Phase 08 Part 10 The Three Centers

20130820_Phase 08 Part 11 Scholars in the Dark

20130827_Phase 08 Part 12 Introduction Cont

20130910_Phase 08 Part 13 Introduction End

20131222_Secret Doctrine Study Guides

20140101_2014 Jan Theme Gupta Vidya

20140201_2014 Feb Theme Book of Dzyan

20140301_2014 Mar Theme Glyphs Symbols

20140401_2014 Apr Theme Gods Monads Atoms

20140501_2014 May Theme Great Sacrifce

20140601_2014 Jun Theme Globes Rounds Races

20140701_2014 Jul Theme Space

20140801_2014 Aug Theme Duration

20140903_2014 Sep Theme Motion

20140930_2014 Oct Theme Logos

20141101_2014 Nov Theme Cosmic Hierarchies

20141202_2014 Dec Theme Cyclic Evolution

20150101_2015 Jan Theme Meta Geometry

20150105_2015 Secret Doctrine Study Aids

20150131_2015 Feb Theme Meta Astronomy

20150302_2015 Mar Theme Meta Biology

20150402_2015 Apr May Theme Meta Psychology

20150529_2015 May Theme Meta Chemistry

20150702_2015 Jul Theme Meta Geology

20151118_2015 16 Theme Gupta Vidya

20160107_2016 Secret Doctrine Study Aids

Sacred Texts Study Group

20121107_Phase 1_The Role of Sacred Texts

20121117_Phase 1_The Right Approach

20121129_Phase 1_Master and Disciple

20121216_Phase 2_Themes Part 1 The Self

20121230_Phase 2_Themes Part 1 The Self Case Study 1

20130111_Phase 2_Themes Part 1 The Self Case Study 2

20130120_Phase 2_Themes Part 1 The Self Case Study 3

20130131_Phase 2_Themes Part 2 The Sage

20130211_Phase 2_Themes Part 2 The Sage Case Study 1

20130225_Phase 2_Themes Part 2 The Sage Case Study 2

20130319_Phase 2_Themes Part 3 Renunciation Sacrifice

20131117_Bhagavad Gita Self Governed Sage Part 1

20131122_Bhagavad Gita Self Governed Sage Part 2

20131214_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1 Mahabharata War

20131228_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Krishnas Advice

20140202_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Right Performance of Action

20140301_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Spiritual Knowledge

20140401_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 Renunciation of Action

20140601_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Self Restraint

20140804_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Spiritual Discernment

20140903_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Yoga Imperishable Brahman

20140930_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Kingly Knowledge Kingly Mystery

20141101_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 Universal Perfections

20141202_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Vision Divine Form Including All Forms

20150101_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 Faith

20150203_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 Discrimination Kshetra Kshetrajna

20150325_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 Separation Three Qualities

20150607_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Knowledge Supreme Spirit

20150705_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Discriminating Between Godlike Demoniacal Natures

20150801_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 Three Kinds of Faith

20150902_Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Final Liberation

20151024_Dhammapada Mindfulness

20151202_Sermon on the Mount

20160131_Golden Verses of Pythagoras

20160422_Tao Te Ching

Theosophical Tenets / Key Concepts Study Group

20120711_What is Theosophia

20120915_Cycles Periodicity Part 1

20120922_Cycles Periodicity Part 2

20121020_Cycles Periodicity Part 3

20121109_Cycles Periodicity Part 4

20130118_Cycles Periodicity Summation


20130422_Key To Theosophy_Introduction

20130430_Key To Theosophy_Fundamental Teachings of Theosophy

20130601_Key To Theosophy_Teaching Nature of Man

20130902_Key To Theosophy_Various Post Mortem States

20131118_Key To Theosophy_Reincarnation Rebirth

20140107_Key To Theosophy_Kamaloka Devachan

20140505_Key To Theosophy_Nature of Our Thinking Principle Part 1

20140528_Key To Theosophy_Nature of Our Thinking Principle Part 2

20140607_Key To Theosophy_Nature of Our Thinking Principle Part 3

20140704_Key To Theosophy_Mysteries Of Reincarnation

20140903_Key Concepts_Universal Brotherhood

20140920_Key Concepts_The Absolute

20141010_Key Concepts_Karma

20141104_Key Concepts_Reincarnation

20141121_Key Concepts_Cycles Periodicity

20141212_Key Concepts_Sevenfold Man and Nature

20150105_Key Concepts_Human Perfectibility

20150117_Key Concepts_Involution Evolution

20150131_Key Concepts_Analogy Correspondence

20150219_Key Concepts_Theosophia

20150325_Ocean of Theosophy_Chapter 1

20150804_Ocean of Theosophy_Chapter 2

20160102_Ocean of Theosophy_Chapter 3

From the Blog:

30 days of Compassion with Tibetan Mind Training (Lojong)


Blavatsky’s Influence

Casady’s Secret Garden of Spiritual Philosophy

Children of Light, a commentary

Discovered, Not Made, Reflections on Christmas

Gandhi and Theosophy

HPB & Philo

HPB on the Sepher Yetzireh

Humanity’s Challenge for 2014

“I am Dharma”; a brief thought from the Anugita Parva (Mahabharata; Aswamedhika Parva)

Occult Epistemology

On Memory, from Buddha and Pythagoras

Pandit Bhavani Sankar

Sanskrit in the Matrix

Symbolism of the SD

The Intuitive Faculty

The Theosophy of Tsongkhapa

The Voice of the Silence – A practical Handbook for Spiritual Freedom

Time for Consciousness

Truth – Introductory to the Secret Doctrine – xxxvii

W.Q. Judge’s Aphorisms on Karma – Hindu parallels

What is Occultism?

What Madame Blavatsky accomplished in just 4 years!!

WQ Judge as Buddhist

From the Forum:

7 or 8 Jhanas – Peak of or Cessation of Consciousness

A.L. Rawson and H.P.B.’s world travels

Antaskarana – Antahkarana

Are we to expect a Messiah this Century with the consummation Piscean, or just a Consciousness shift?

Asti, Jayate


Awakening of Faith in Mahayana

Baghavad Gita

Blavatsky Writings, Notes and Corrections

Brahman, Atman, Jiva, Purusha – Clarification?

Esoteric versus Exoteric writings

H. P. Blavatsky clarification thread

Hey, just what is that there theosophy anyhow?

HPB & the 12 Nidanas

HPB on the Arba-Il (Mystic Four)

HSO’s Old Diary Leaves

Intelligent Design

Is the Mind the Slayer of the Real

Jeanine Miller Obituary

“Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Light, Heat and Moisture

Musings – WQJ

Neptune and the Titus-Bode Law

Paul, founder of Christianity

Purification of the vehicles

Radha Burnier (1923-2013)

Random stuff of variable degrees of relevance

Secret Doctrine Dialogues with H.P.B.

Secret Doctrine Würzburg Manuscript published

Self Awareness Experiences

Studies in the Wisdom Tradition


The Ātman-Brahman in Ancient Buddhism

The Chaldean Oracles (rearranged)

The Logos in Sanskrit – Why Muddy the Waters with Greek Terminology?

The Secret Doctrine, volume 3

The Six Paramitas – Perfections

“The Voice (of Conscience) and the guardian angel”

Theosophy from the Root Up

Thomas Taylor and his writings

Through the Gates of Gold

Treasury of Theosophy

Visions William Stainton Moses

Vivekachudemani – Misleading/Erroneous Translations

Vivekacudamani – Crest-Jewel of Wisdom

Walking the Talk


What is Mind?

When Will Humans be Human?

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