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    Pavel Axentiev

    I agree with your observations regarding the page headings. I have also wondered at their usefulness.

    A couple of things I would like to see in the analysis (or, possibly, contribute) are: 1) critical analysis of the logic behind some statements. In some places HPB uses mental devices that are at least a bit irrelevant – from the modern point of view – and could be described as logical errors; they are few and relatively insignificant; however, I find that a similar mode of thinking keeps procreating itself in modern theosophists, including those even on this forum.

    2) somewhat related to the previous point, a critique of the scientific arguments she presents. I find some of HPB’s ideas incredibly prophetic, while others, in my opinion, could and should be commented upon. I remember some concepts from embryology introduced in the first few chapters. Purely from the historical perspective, the notions have been greatly advanced in the 1.5 centuries since the writing of ‘Isis,’ and it would be a disservice to the theosophical ideas she presents not to update her arguments with the more modern discoveries.


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