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In keeping with our Guiding Principles, and as is typically done on internet forums, we have established the following guidelines for conduct at Theosophy Nexus and on the Universal Theosophy site. In order to ensure that the discussions here remain aligned with our purpose and these rules, moderators may take such actions as deletion of inappropriate content, issuing warnings, and temporary or permanent suspension of site membership. Moderators will do this at their own discretion.

1. Be respectful of your fellows. Mutual respect naturally emerges from Brotherhood, the first of our Guiding Principles. Insults and putdowns, whether explicit or implicit, are not allowed. While any discussion can naturally lead to dialectic, please refrain from arguing for the sake of arguing and from polemics. Brotherhood sometimes means agreeing to disagree. It is perfectly natural to disagree about details but it must be done so respectfully.

2. Kindly do not post inappropriate content. This is in keeping with our fourth Guiding Principle of Focus and is also an extension of mutual respect. Violent, sexually inappropriate, irreverent content or posts will be deleted. Use of profanity is not allowed.

3. Content and posts should be relevant to the site’s focus. It is our intention to study theosophy and the ageless wisdom underyling its most modern presentation, and though this modern presentation has spawned many and varied ideas, books, “teachers”, etc. only some of these will be selected for study here. Some materials and ideas given under the name of “theosophy” will thus be left for other forums to pursue. It will be the sole discretion of the administrators of Theosophy Nexus to determine which materials are suitable for both our study groups and open forum. If members are unsure whether a subject is appropriate, they may bring it to our attention prior to posting (see below for the method to contact the admins).

4. We are not here to debate the existence of an Ageless Wisdom Tradition. We do not define that tradition in terms of any one particular system or formulation, but we accept as true The Secret Doctrine’s assertion that such a tradition exists.

5. We are not here to debate the validity of The Secret Doctrine. We are here for discussion based on the premise that The Secret Doctrine is an accurate exposition of the Ageless Wisdom Tradition; we hold that it is a deep wellspring of esoteric wisdom from which there is much to be learned, and its study constitutes the cornerstone of much of our work here. We do not expect members to agree with everything in the book, but we do expect this view of its nature to be respected. We ask that those who disagree with this view and wish to debate the SD’s validity do so elsewhere.

6. The same outlook of respect is to be observed in the consideration of sacred texts selected for study on this site.

7. Preaching is not allowed. For our purposes, preaching is defined as the attempt to impose any religious/spiritual belief or philosophical viewpoint upon another person. While we narrow our focus here to a certain range of religious and philosophical belief, we distinguish between what a person believes and what a person discusses; all members here are welcome to hold any belief whatsoever, but it is our purpose to discuss certain spiritual and philosophical viewpoints, and not others.

Regarding Sensitive Material: As many are aware, there exist certain private sections, schools or communities within more than one theosophical organization. Each of these maintains its own rules of privacy, its own documents, memberships, signs and seals, and so on, and to the members of these private sections there is a deeply held sanctity towards these things. While Theosophy Nexus is not affiliated with any theosophical organization, lodge or community—public or private—its membership is composed of individuals who belong to a wide array of these. We must, as an online forum community, attempt to maintain a high degree of respect for the beliefs, practices and viewpoints of each and every member, and this includes a full respect for every member’s sense of sanctity towards that which they consider private. Violations of the privacy of individuals or sections, schools and communities must be prohibited within the framework of Theosophy Nexus. Because of this, we will maintain a policy that a) such materials shall not be published on our forums or blogs, b) references to such materials shall be made with respect and care, and c) links to public publications of materials that were intended for private circulation will not be allowed. It will be left to the sole discretion of the administrators of Theosophy Nexus to determine if and when these policies have been violated. If a member is unsure if some material or information falls under this classification, they may contact the administrators privately (see below).

In establishing this policy we do not desire to censure or silence our members, or remove valuable subjects from discussion, but simply to encourage the mutual respect that builds real brotherhood. We believe that there are more than enough public works available to fuel our shared discussions and fulfill our most eager members in their quest for greater understanding of theosophy and its most important ideas.

Regarding Blogs: Site members have the ability to create blog posts. The blog feature is a good platform for sharing one’s own perspectives in the form of articles, editorials or diary-style reflection, as opposed to the forum format which emphasizes discussion and interchange. Feel free to make use of the blog feature to publish pieces of writing you have produced that are relevant to the subject matter of Theosophy Nexus. Kindly refrain from using blog posts to advertise for other websites or events or to post writing composed by someone else. That is to say, blog posts should be original work composed by the person making the post, and not re-posting of someone else’s work. Blogs are not intended to be used for ranting or lodging complaints. All of the other guidelines above also apply to blog posts, so please keep the tone civil and be mindful of the rules and Theosophy Nexus’ Guiding Principles as you post.

Thank you!

Any comments, suggestions or objections to these guidelines can be communicated privately via the “message” function on this site. Please address such messages to ModeratorTN.

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