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I have recently joined the Wellington branch of the Theosophical Society, having learned about the society from a friend at the Vegetarian Society. I was raised in the Catholic tradition and have always been strongly drawn to a spiritual life. I am always seeking to broaden my spiritual knowledge and awareness. Theosophy is an opportunity for me to extend that knowledge and awareness.

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I am not yet knowledgeable enough about Theosophy to know how wide its scope is. However, I am interested in discovering more about ancient Vedic knowledge, the existence of the soul as an eternally individual entity (as opposed to a collective consciousness) as well as ongoing discoveries about what appear to be very sophisticated civilisations from the past.

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What I would gain from joining is the opportunity to engage with others who realise that there is something beyond material existence and are interested in raising their consciousness. I have been vegetarian since age 7,do not drink alcohol and value compassionate living above all else. This way of living is at odds with mainstream culture in NZ, which is based around heavy drinking, meat eating and hunting. It would be good to associate with others who have similar spiritual values. What I could add to the group is my own knowledge and perspective, based on my many years of study of spiritual traditions, science, history and anthropology.

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