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Guy Wyndham-Jones

Please tell us something about your interest in Theosophy and what it means to you.

My interest in Theosophy is in so far as it may contribute to the better education of mankind, and give insights from the experiences of others in order to assist stable permanent soul development…

How did you find out about Theosophy Nexus?


Which theosophical books or topics would you like to see discussed on the site?

As I am in no way a proficient with regard to theosophical writings and modes of expression, I am content to follow the lead of those who are more experienced in such matters…

Please provide any further information you think is relevant.

I have followed the various discussions on this website for over 3 years with much interest, and rather than continue to be some sort of anonymous voyeur I decided that it is well that I declare my following and interest in all that the site provides…

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