Welcome to Theosophy Nexus!

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are students of Theosophy. All of us are students. We come together from far and wide, from all cultures and races and creeds. We come to study the Wisdom of the Ages, the grand inheritance of mankind, in the tradition of countless ages past and those countless ages that stretch into the dim and ever-distant future.

As with every generation, we rely upon and build from that which came before us. Great teachers from the ancient and not-so ancient past provide us with frameworks for our studies, with direction in both the theoretical and the practical. And as with every generation, we look to utilize the tools of our age to aid in this joint-venture of both learning and living theosophical ideas.

We are living in a marvelous age; an “age of transition,” wherein old restrictions are falling away through the struggles of the present. In this transition we find a new medium, a wonderful tool, unimagined by our predecessors. The internet is the medium of the future, at present in its early inception and growth. It is new, it is fresh, and it is largely untapped. We wish to utilize this growing medium, to use this extraordinary tool and its limitless potential for the benefit of each other and of humanity.

The ancient wisdom of the ages, expressed throughout recorded human history, has been studied and practiced by countless individuals and groups, each utilizing the medium of their age. Humanity has had its mystery schools, its ashrams, its sanghas; students have produced works of philosophy, epic stories couched in symbolism and allegory, spiritual texts of simplicity and power, poetry, artistry, plays and countless other forms of expression. They have published writings, bound and printed on leaf, papyrus, bark, stone walls and modern paper. This wisdom—eternal and unending—lends itself to the medium of the age and the environment. Thus do the students of this wisdom gather naturally in every age, drawn together through karmic threads and affinities to study and learn and grow together, to help each other be the utmost of themselves, and to aid the “great orphan” humanity in our ever progressing spiritual evolution.

Our age is digital, providing the means to connect with people from all across the world with but the click of a mouse and the tapping of a keyboard. No longer are we restricted, as our predecessors were, to the mailing of scrolls or to the solitary confinement of individual study. No longer are we even required to be physically present with one another in order to share ourselves and our theosophical journeys.

So we wish to follow through with two primary experiments: the online group study here on Theosophy Nexus and an online magazine and library called Universal Theosophy. Our goals are simple:

  1. To bring together sincere students of theosophy in an online environment; to learn how to form a sangha independent of physical location, a community of fellow-seekers after wisdom, a community of souls wishing the best for humanity, willing and able to uplift each other, and thus by extension the whole of humanity, be it ever so little.
  2. To explore the still latent potential inherent in the internet for new ways in which to both present and study the literature and art of the Wisdom of the Ages. To no longer be bound by the matrix of individual, physical books, to glossaries and encyclopedias or museums and exhibits, but to have a whole realm of wisdom literally at our fingertips, just waiting to unveil itself for our eager hearts and minds.

This is who we are and what we are trying to do, and we are grateful for every one of you who has joined us. Please feel free to explore the site, to engage fellow members, to sign up for one or more of the study groups and share your thoughts.

We look forward to journeying together with you in Brotherhood.

To aid in our venture, we have composed some Guiding Principles. These serve as a foundation for our efforts and we ask that all members familiarize themselves with them. If they speak to your heart and if you find yourself in agreement, then surely you have come to the right place! If you find yourself in disagreement, or if you find yourself turned-off by what you read there, the best course of action will be to continue your journey with one or another of the wonderful sites available to seekers the world over.

We have also composed some Forum Guidelines, that serve to keep our interactions productive and beneficial. Please read and remember these, keeping them in mind whenever posting content to the site, be it a reply to another student, the composition of a blog, or the uploading of material. We ask primarily that all students treat each other with the respect due to men and women who are essentially of the same soul, the same spirit, the same humanity.

© 2017 Universal Theosophy

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